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John Miles – Music
Neil Sedaka – That’s When The Music Takes Me
Larry Lurex – I Can Hear Music
Nat King Cole – Let’s Face The Music And Dance [Allied Dunbar]
String Driven – Die Without it
Johnny Cash – Get Rhythm
Mike Vass – Sphere Music
Don McLean – American Pie
The Saw Doctors – Music I Love (2012 Remix)
Allan Taylor – Let The Music Flow
Carole King – Music
Chuck Berry – Rock and Roll Music
Little Richard – Rip It Up
Tide Lines – Innocent & Beautiful
Imelda May – Johnny Got A Boom Boom
Deacon Blue – City Of Love
Noble Jacks – Stay Awake
Dean Owens – Hope
Alice Howe – Getaway Car
Tracy Chapman – Fast Car
Bruce Springsteen – Cadillac Ranch
Dick Gaughan – Geronimo’s Cadillac
Warren Smith – Red cadillac and a black moustache
Luka Bloom – Perfect Groove
Lou Reed – Perfect Day
Christine Sparks – This Perfect Sin
Chris De Burgh – Perfect Day
Matt McGinn – Tra La La Tweet Tweet

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